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mold remediation


We offer professional mold remediation services at a resonable price. Don't let your mold clean-up be completed by inexperienced personnel. We use state of the art HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers along with EPA Certified chemicals to assure your project is completed safely and correctly. We have been certified in mold remediation  and have been trained in all applicable rules and regulations.


Inspections: Our experienced personnel have extensive training and experience to properly identify your problems and decide the best course of action for the remediation. Once the "source" of the problem has been identified and repaired, the remediation can begin.


Containment: Protecting the surrounding areas during the remediation is extremely important to not spread harmful mold spores throughout other areas of the project. We will set up a negative air enclosure with, HEPA air scrubbers to keep the surrounding areas clean and free of mold spores throughout the course of the project.


Clean-up and Treatment: Once the area has been properly contained, we can begin to remove the affected materials and properly clean the area. Our personnel wear all of the appropriate safety gear throughout the entire process. Once all affected materials are removed we will proceed to treat the entire area. We use only EPA approved biocides which contain anti-microbial solutions as well as fungicides.


Build Back: After the treatment is completed we will give all customers the option of a second treatment which contains both a mold inhibitor to prevent any future mold growth and fungicide to kill any residual mold. in addition to this option covering any mold staining. It also offers a full 10 year warranty. Weather this option is chosen or not we still offer full build back services to get your property back to normal.


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